Fast E-Bike 29er goes 32 mph, powered by 48v – 17ah LiP04 battery with a powerful 1500w brushless rear wheel motor. FOR SALE! ** $1200 **


Try finding another 34 mile range 29er mountain e-bike with a top speed of 32 mph at only $1200. Leave your car parked and ride to work! You’ll have a blast! This 1500 watt powered mountain bike is big with 29 inch wheels and moves a 5’11” 190lb body at 32 mph / 34 mile range.

Purchase in Dallas TX area / Pickup Only / No shipping    **  $1200  **

Serious inquires only please e-mail ** **

  • Locking down tube LiP04 48 volt / 17 amp hours battery (comes with keys)
  • 1500 watt brushless rear wheel motor
  • LCD Display with backlight mode for night riding
  • 5 modes for rider assist / battery life indicator/ distance and time indicators
  • Auto shut-off when front or back brakes applied
  • twist throttle just like a motorcycle
  • 48 volt / 1500 watt controler
  • 29 inch wheels (29er) E-Bike with hardtail aluminum frame
  • Supple front suspension fork for small bumps
  • 21-Speeds
  • Comes with 2 amp battery charger / 4 hour charge time
  • Splashproof battery, controller, and motor



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