Toyota Built a Secret Racetrack in Denton Texas For its Execs and VIPs

Hey Toyota, may I borrow your new racetrack?


Hidden away in Denton County, Texas, is a private racetrack retreat for Toyota executives and VIPs.

The site of the Toyota executive retreat in Denton County includes a racetrack and buildings between Hilltop Road and FM1830 on the outskirts of Argyle.

If you blink, you might miss the street sign for the tree-lined country road south of Denton. The two-lane Hilltop Road leads you past mostly modest houses, small farms and rural businesses along the border of the town of Argyle. While tucked away among the trees and stock ponds, construction is underway on one of the most hush-hush developments in North Texas.

International auto giant Toyota is turning a patch of farmland into a multimillion-dollar, ranch-style executive retreat for its top local executives and visiting VIPs.

The spread covering more than 75 acres — which extends all the way to FM1830 — includes a motor track, horse stables, guest houses and barns. >> Continue Reading <<